Monthly Archives: June 2016

Groundhog Day

Oh dear. Could it be that I’ve been here before? Let me take stock – the England football looked good for a while and then disappointed, the English fans went on a drunken sunburned rampage and had me wincing with shame when I saw the TV reports. There are days when you are proud to be English, and there are days like today. The percentage of people in the EU who are hoping that Britain votes to leave will have shot up in the last 24 hours. Continue reading

Football Woes

I was on the train to Cologne again yesterday. Half way, in Frankfurt, a group of drunken football supporters got in and sang a few „songs“ for the rest of us. The European Championship starts today and I suppose they were on their way to France to watch one of the early games. They calmed down after a while and were a peaceful bunch, but it did put me off the spread-sheet I was working on. I decided to listen to some music and reflect upon the next four weeks, as the country goes football-crazy. Continue reading

Bad News

Bad news. I had been looking forward to a weekend away in the Allgäu. It was supposed to be our annual paragliding club „Grillfliegen“ – Barbecue Fly-In. We meet up, go flying and then have a drink and barbecue in the landing field. After that it’s just a short walk to the campsite. After a few very busy working weeks (and sometimes weekends) it is hard to think of anything better to recharge the batteries. Continue reading

A Good Day

I’ve been missing cycling to work recently. Too many meetings which means me wearing a suit. Today was no different, which is a shame since the weather was lovely this morning. First mist as the last of the rain from last night’s storms burned off. Then hazy sunshine and later deep blue sky dotted with harmless looking cumulus clouds. It was only a matter of time, though, until those clouds would mutate into hail-carrying thunderstorms. I had a lunch meeting with 2 people who also wished they weren’t wearing suits – I had hoped we would sit outside and enjoy the sun while it lasted.. Continue reading


We are still in the grip of an immobile low-pressure system which has given the weather a tropical feel. Hot and muggy when the sun is out, but quickly turning to thunderstorms as the day rolls on. The thunderstorms die out during the night and the cycle continues again next day. And so, in these conditions, I set off with some trepidation to a small golf tournament yesterday. Continue reading

Morning Wanderings

As I wrote in my last post Stuck in the Mud we have had a very busy week. I am relieved to have reached the weekend in a reasonable state of mental and physical health. Ariane and I went to a party yesterday evening and, fortunately for me, I wasn’t the designated driver. “Who’s driving?” I asked with my hand on a cold bottle of “Wulle” beer from the self-service fridge and a pleading puppy expression on my face. So Ariane drove. We had a very pleasant evening, I drank a little more than I should and went to bed thinking of a nice lie in on Saturday morning. Continue reading

Stuck in the Mud

The weather has been spectacular for the past week. It all started seven days ago on Friday evening. I had been following the weather reports and widespread thunderstorms and hailstorms had been forecast. This is of particular interest to me because my company works for insurance companies. When there are severe hailstorms, thousands of cars get damaged at the same time. And when that happens the insurance companies can’t cope and we get lots of work. So last Friday I was anxiously following events on various weather websites and online stormchaser forums. I wanted to know what sort of a week to expect… Continue reading