Another blog the world doesn’t need

The internet contains some interesting information. It is also a giant virtual mountain of waste – never have we written so much, and never have we written so much rubbish. So why should I bother with a blog?

One good reason is that I always wanted to write a book. Unfortunately I am too lazy to write a book. But if I can write a year of blogposts and then bundle them up and mail them off to some vanity publisher then I will have written a book without actually noticing it. This reason has the advantage that even if nobody reads my blog, I will still be getting some writing done.

The second reason is that there might be a few people out there who are actually interested in what it’s like for an Englishman to spend more than half his life in Germany. You can read mountains on German history and the newspapers are full of comments on what the Germans think of the Brits, Refugees, the EU and even the Eurovision Song Contest. But there is precious little about what it’s really like to get up every day and go to work here.

Well, here goes. Happy reading.

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