Toilet Seat Troubles

It rained all day yesterday. I like golf, but don’t much care for the local golfers so I like to get out on the course when the weather is bad and most people don’t think of playing golf. My plan worked very well yesterday. I was literally the only person on the course. The less succesful part of my plan was that the rain didn’t let up at all and it was cold and windy as well. Golfing in a near gale with freezing, wet hands is certainly a challenge but, as I discovered, not very enjoyable. It looked like the rain was here to stay.

So waking up to sunshine just breaking through a light mist was a real pleasure. By the time we had finished breakfast, the sun was really out and the roads were already dry. When I come to Yorkshire in winter, it takes ages for the roads to dry. I can remember being over at Christmas and having a completely rain-free week but still the roads were wet. I suppose it’s something to do with the very feeble power of the sun at such latitudes combined with moist atlantic air. Anyway, it’s something I notice and I noticed this morning that the roads dried quickly.

I had a busy morning because there was two weeks‘ worth of stuff to take to the tip. While I was away last weekend, Ariane had bought three new toilet seats so the old ones had to go. We have also bought a trampoline so two giant cardboard boxes which had been blocking the garage had to go. I filled up the car and headed off. I calmly threw the three old toilet seats into the „hard plastic“ skip and thought nothing more of it. Then I got to work on the cardboard – which included three boxes which had contained the new toilet seats. After this I got going on the soft plastics. All a matter of course for an experienced recycler like me. Or so I thought.

A slightly irritated recycling helper made a bee-line for me and he had one of the toilet seat boxes in his hand. „Did you throw this in there, sir?“ Yes, I did. It was clearly cardboard so I was on safe ground. But from my positive answer, the reycling helper deduced that the toilet seats were also mine and they were not allowed in the hard plastic skip! My protests („but they are hard plastic“) fell upon deaf ears. Apparently there is a special toilet seat rule and ignorance is no defence. I was informed that I would have to dispose of these items in the „Sperrmüll“ – bulky junk – container and that costs 3 € per cubic metre. I paid up and tried to be nice (they sometimes let me chuck stuff in the „Sperrmüll“ free of charge when they are feeling chirpy) but something had changed. I have spent years cultivating a friendship and building trust with the recycling wardens but I suffered a setback today.

I was in dour mood as I finished off the recycling and headed back. But I soon cheered up as it had warmed up and we finally felt that spring had arrived. I sat outside and drank a cup of coffee with Ariane and enjoyed really hot sun on our faces. How nice that the day before the clocks go forward, the seasons had really changed.

The change didn’t last long. A few hours later we were stepping out of the plane in Manchester Airport and into the teeth of storm Katie! Spring has been delayed for a day or two in the North of England but at least there’s some proper wind to blow the cobwebs away and sun is forecast for Easter Sunday. I’m really looking forward to spending a week „back home“. To celebrate Easter I am going to take a one-day break from this blog! More on Monday.

Bis übermorgen!

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