Fathers’ Day

Yesterday was a bank holiday, tomorrow is a Saturday which makes today a Brückentag (Bridge-day). I quite like these days. They have a quiet, lazy feel to them because not many people work and lots of people are away for the long weekend – but all the shops are open.

Yesterday was a lazy Fathers‘ Day for me. The girls made breakfast and had organised small presents. We then watched a couple of episodes of their favourite comedy programme – which felt a bit naughty because the weather had turned to glorious sunshine. I can remember sunny Saturday mornings as a kid over at my neighbour‘s house, watching „Swap Shop“ with the curtains closed. No doubt Mum was thinking we were „getting some fresh air“. So as I sat on the sofa with the girls watching TV – all of us still in our sleeping clothes – I felt a nostalgic pang of guilt. Not so bad as to make us stop, though.

The girls did spend the rest of the day outside in the garden – most of it on the trampoline. We’ve had one for a month and they are still not bored of it, so it’s already exceeded expectations. Feeling a little guilty about the slothful morning, I made a large salad for lunch and to my surprise the girls really tucked in so by mid-afternoon I was feeling quite pleased with myself. They had had lots of fresh air, and were packed with vitamins. This exemplary fulfilment of my fatherhood duties did eventually take ist toll on me. I had a quick bounce on the trampoline myself at about 5 pm just to see what it felt like.  It felt tiring, so I lay down on it for a moment. Next thing I knew it was nearly 6pm and I had been on my back snoring gently. I didn’t feel much like cooking after that, so it was frozen pizza from the petrol station for dinner. Normal service was resumed.


Walking back from the Hocketse


I tried to motivate the girls to come for a walk with me to the village centre because the local music club was putting on a „Hocketse“. This is Swabian word (derived from hocken – to sit) for a sort of street party. Basically, they set up benches and tables, serve drinks and simple food (usually barbecued meat and sausages) and bombard you with music. Every village will have a music club – which will mainly play traditional ooompah music. I took a stroll down to the Hocketse on my own in the end and if you were a tourist visiting, you would have been delighted. The band was playing and people were sitting in the sunshine enjoying their Bier und Wurst. But I have been to a few Hocketses in my time, there was nobody I knew there and so I wandered through and back through the fields to the kids and the trampoline.

I did, however, uphold one Fathers‘ Day tradition. Later on, when the kids were in bed, I settled myself on the sofa and watched Leonardo de Caprio being mauled by a bear in The Revenant. It was excellent. Or at least the first half was excellent. I slept through the second half – because that’s what you do on Fathers‘ Day.

Bis morgen!

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